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Magnetic Messaging

Magnetic Messaging


Magnetic Messaging


We were intrigued by Bobby Rio’s new book, Magnetic Messaging, since he’s the only “patented” Pick Up Artist (that we know of) that has done extensive research and testing on the topic so far. That being said, it’s clear to us that he got a lot of the basics from Rob Judge, who’s been working on texting women for a couple of years. The authors have devised a three-step-system called “The Keylock Sequence”, that claims to allow you to make a woman feel the way she wants to feel, and may even result in a sexual rendezvous…

Magnetic Messaging

Many men see women suddenly becoming disinterested in them and wonder where they’ve gone wrong. Perhaps they’ve spent a fantastic evening together, totally connected, but the next day they get brushed off.

Other times they spend weeks goofing around, being funny and likeable, only to discover that they’ve irrevocably slipped into the “best pals” relationship and end up being the shoulder she cries on instead of the guy that ignites her passion.

Average looking guys cannot rely on their looks for attracting women, and need some skills which will allow them to become irresistible to women which may initially seem out of their league.

Whatever the case may be, giving men some tools to become masters in the art of courting a woman is a good thing, for the women too, and one such tool is Magnetic Messaging.

Magnetic Messaging Pdf – Good texting can improve your sex life

Most people use texting to stay in touch between dates, but few utilize the potential properly.  It can be pretty easy to lose a girl’s attention if all you’re saying over a text message is, “What’s up?”  Or, “What are you doing?”  It’s even worse if you think texting her using today’s text lingo is the thing to do.  “Wat u doin” “u 8 yet?”  “C u soon” aren’t a great way to leave an impression with the girl you are interested in.  There’s only a handful of ways to do this that work, but plenty that don’t and aren’t recommended for anyone, let alone “the” girl. There’s things you can say over text that will plant erotic images in her mind that lead to, ultimately, a vast improvement in your sex life.  If she can’t get you out of her mind, then you know you’ve got it right.

Three BIG TEXTING NO-NOS to avoid, that turn women off instantly:

  • If men come on too strong, act creepy or appear needy (neediness is FATAL)
  • If they are boring and unoriginal, especially if they send messages more than once a day
  • If they send “funny” messages that aren’t funny

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge say that women offer a window of opportunity that starts closing the minute they’ve given you their number. This is because their emotions (and their attention) will start to fade quickly.

The authors have devised a three-step-system called “The Keylock Sequence”, that apparently allows you to make a woman feel the way she wants to feel, and may even result in a sexual rendezvous…

“The Keylock Sequence” – 3 main points:

  • If you make a woman feel EMOTION, you will get her attention, because emotion and attention are closely tied.
  • To move things forward it is necessary to make a CONNECTION with her and make her feel you are beyond just flirting.
  • You must plant the idea of sleeping with you in her mind, so she starts imagining it. They teach you specific techniques to make her believe it has been her idea to “get sexy”.

Does Magnetic Messaging Work?

The magnetic messaging download came out quite recently and so there isn’t a lot of client feedback on the web yet. Since we always like to validate a product’s claims, we ran our own “randomized trial” on a group of people selected from our Facebook profiles.

30 men (Group A) were given the real material and 30 men (Group B) were given a fake e-book (we found the fake one on the internet as a freebie).

The objective was to date (and possibly bed) as many women as possible over a 3 month period. These are the test results:

  • Number of first date acceptance – average per participant: Group A : 15 Group B: 5
  • Number of lays – average per participant Group A : 9 Group B: 4
  • Number of long term relationships started – average per participant Group A: 10 Group B: 6

The participants of the trial group reported an increased sense of self-esteem and an increase in popularity.

This test is completely unofficial, but it confirmed our hypothesis that good quality messaging can improve your chances to get women out on a first date. The students in the control group had less chances but did surprisingly well in the number of women bedded out of the women they dated. On long term relationships the control group did slightly better.

Bottom line? Good texting increases your chances of getting a woman out on a first date, and so exponentially increases your chances of getting laid, even if less women will find you as attractive in real life as they did over the cell phone.

These are some comments from our Facebook participants:

Mark S.

I tried a few messages and got instant responses. It was highly exhilarating. I just felt so POWERFUL suddenly

Tracey G.

I couldn’t believe how amazing Luke had become all of a sudden. After we had been dating for a while he admitted the he had “help”, but that just made me appreciate him more for the effort! Good thing we got together at the end of the trial or he would have been tempted to try it on other women, too!

Amjad K

Awesome! AWESOME!! I’ve cracked the “V-CODE”!!!

Dyllan F.

Hey thanks! If you get a chance to speak to the guys that wrote this book, tell them they have changed my life!

risk free guarantee

Try it Risk Free for 60 Days – Click Here

What we Don’t Like about the Magnetic Messaging Pdf Download

The authors present this book as a rinse and repeat, fail-safe “get laid” method. This is simply not true as men and women (especially women!) are complex creatures. Apart from getting women out on the first date, you have to be pleasing to them in the way you are dressed, the way you smell, the tone of your voice and the things you say.

Reading the Keylock sequence rules will definitely help you to understand what women want but it is not as “fail-safe” as their sales pitch makes it seem to be, and if it makes you arrogant you will do more harm than good. Nonetheless, this material will likely increase women’s positivity towards you and increase your chances of showing them what a great guy you are.

As we saw in our test, good messaging can keep that door open for you for just a while longer, and if you follow up with appropriate PUA behavior (which is basically understanding female psychology) your dating efforts and sex life will improve.

Buying and Bonus Material

This Magnetic Messaging review would not be complete without a list of the material included, so here it is:

The Keylock Sequence e-book

  • Dealing with unresponsiveness
  • Dealing with excuses like ‘I’m working”, “I’m Sick” etc.
  • When and what to text before the date
  • How to get her to chase you
  • How to write really funny texts

The Infatuation Formula Video Program

  • PUA basics to get a woman to fall in love with you or sleep with you

Magnetic Mastermind Kit

  • Video analysis of text transcripts
  • Fast track seduction techniques
  • 1 month’s subscription to Player’s Cookbook – Sharing the secrets

99 Best Texts of all time

  • The day after meeting
  • Getting her to respond
  • Getting her Sexual
  • Birthday text (patented)
  • Recovering if you accidentally offend her
  • Anchoring texts – to get her thinking of you
  • When she is giving you one word answers
  • When she compliments you
  • When she is fishing for compliments

How to avoid the Magnetic Messaging Scam

The web is full of “magnetic messaging free downloads”. They have similar or identical covers, but the content is NOT Magnetic Messaging. Since the product is hugely successful, it’s obvious that it’ll attract scammers. The fake copies are circulated in order to get your e-mail address or put cookies on your computer. If it’s not from the official website, then don’t buy it.

If you are interested in the product, follow our verified link at the bottom of the page. It’s also worth mentioning that the product comes with a 100% 60 day money-back guarantee (it’s real – we tested it).

Is Magnetic Messaging worth buying?


In our opinion it is a good buy for people who are not naturally talented in writing.

It can be seen as a tool to translate what you do in front of a woman to elicit emotions in writing. Some e-book training courses are hard to carry out on a long term basis, and get shelved after a few months, but his product is easy to use. You can even load it onto you cell phone so you can access the 99 best texts anywhere, anytime.

It’s handy, easily testable, easily refundable, and so…why not?


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