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Rob Judge and Bobby Rio give some advice on the three myths that literally destroy your chances with women. They are rather counter-intuitive so don’t feel bad if you discover you are still doing them! If you don’t know who Rob and Bobby are, then we strongly recommend you check out our Magnetic Messaging Review.

Myth #1 – You must wait before texting her

Actually you shouldn’t be thinking at all about time when it comes to messaging. Once there used to be the “three day rule” in which you weren’t allowed to call a woman for 3 days at least after she had given you her number. The texting rule is a converted phoning rule, but actually it’s useless. Forget about timing and really focus on what you are going to text, on the content. If you get her number you can text het that evening or the next day, the important thing is that you don’t text too much.

Also, if you wait too long, you are not actually building up attraction; you are making her forget why she liked you enough to give you her number in the first place. If after a few days she’s gone a little cold and on top of that you send her a message that sucks, well, you can forget about her ever going out with you!

Your texting should basically be a pleasant “continuing of the conversation” it shouldn’t be this big mind battle and trying to make her wait and wonder when you will respond.

Myth #2 – You should be texting like you talk

Wrong. This is getting so many men shoved into the “friend zone”! You must take into account that texting is texting and talking is talking. Along with live conversation you have greetings, small talk and pleasantries which should not be present in the texting. Texts like “Hi” and “How was your day” and “Hope you got home safe” are really pointless and counterproductive. With texting you should jump right into the middle of the conversation. Go straight to the point, be concise and say something that will cause an emotional reaction in her.

Don’t send her messages that are hard for her to answer to. “How was your day” would require a lot of thinking to be able to answer it with something that sounds remotely original. She might not answer you just for that reason, so be careful not to put a burden on her and give her something hard to do with your text.

You should also send texts that can be answered but that don’t require an answer, for example, if you got her number after having shared a cup of coffee, jump right in and text her “ I just had a life-changing cup of coffee, hope your day is going well, too”. She could answer this text but also just smile over it, she is free to choose and will appreciate that. You don’t appear “needy” or insecure by searching for her approval. You are making her feel special but sounding self-confident.

Also you must say something about your personality “between the lines” each time you text. If you text her that you have had a “life-changing” cup of coffee, you are telling her between the lines that you are a romantic person. A message like “How was your day?” really says nothing about you.

Exploit your unique personality and allow her to get a clear sense of who you are, that is the best aphrodisiac for women. Write something interesting or fun, be pleasant in not more than 20 words, be undemanding and she will react well.

Myth #3 – You need to ask her out on a date

Don’t set yourself up for rejection! We are fortunately no longer in the 1950’s, women have their own cars and are allowed to leave the house unescorted. There is no need to formally ask her out on a date three or four days ahead of time. Rather decide on a time and place where you will be and text her saying that she is welcome to join you. That way she doesn’t feel under pressure to have to say yes or no, or decide whether it will be a waste of time to spend a whole evening together. Also if she is put in a position of rejecting you, you hit a “game over” scenario because it will be hard to ask her out again, whereas if it all stays casual, it could be that one evening she’s busy or not in the mood but another evening she feels like giving it a try. Don’t feel rejected, just be playfully persistent… you will catch her on a good day sooner or later!

Once you have debunked these myths and have seen for yourself how much better women are reacting, you could look into the “Keylock Sequence” to get things from good to great! The Keylock Sequence is a sequence of just 3 texts that elicit the three most important emotions that women need to feel before agreeing to meet up with you for a date. More info on the Keylock sequence can be had here.

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