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People everywhere, not just men, fall prey to something that would seem like simple common sense.  All of us walk around with our phones attached to us, available any time, day or night, updating statuses, checking news, and sending texts to our friends and family.  Most notable here are the kinds of texts that get sent.  The average person usually begins with something harmless like, “Hey, how’s it going” or “Whatcha doin?” leaving the recipient to reply with an equally simple answer.  Either “Nothing” or “Not much, how’s it going with you?” and neither actually accomplish anything.

The trouble with bland texts is that they’re pointless, and a total waste of time.  If you’re looking to chat with someone between seeing them, or you want to send them a message about something that happened that day, there’s far more engaging ways to get their attention and ensure you get a response.  This is especially true for anyone who is dating.  You don’t want the person who objectifies your desires to blow you off, or worse, put you in the same ordinary box as every other guy she’s dated.  The key is in engaging the recipient from the first message.  You want them to be thinking about you when you’re not around, or to arrange a time to meet up with you.  Asking them “What’s up” hardly accomplishes that feat.

Magnetic Messaging is different, because it addresses something that has never been done before in the world of dating.  Never before have people connected so instantly, or seamlessly, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.  Almost everyone carries their cell phone everywhere, so you can count on them actually receiving the message.  If you don’t get a response, or you do finally get one after pestering them and asking why they didn’t respond, or asking if they got your text, it’s likely an untruth like, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I was really busy and I didn’t see your text.”  Somehow it’s easier for the person to lie to you in an attempt to save your feelings and pride, than for them to admit that they simply found your text really boring and uninteresting and they found they had nothing to say in return.

To make a text more meaningful is easy.  If you’ve actively paid attention to anything she has said during a date, you can call on this memory to spark her interest later also.  Try to come up with something she seemed rather passionate about, something that excited her to talk about, even something that you didn’t find interesting at all and wished she would stop talking about, because this is what will keep her attention.  She will believe that you care about what she had to say, and she may infer that you also have an interest in that particular thing.  That’s not a bad thing there, she wants to find common ground.  Another way to do this, is to bring up something that is special to her alone, something that no other girl would be able to say is just like every other girl.  All women have something, and sometimes it’s disguised as a flaw.  It’s something she might be very self conscious about, but if you call her on it, and make her feel like you treasure that little bit of eccentricity, you will only endear yourself to her more.

Making a text memorable calls on the previous examples quite a bit, but it adds a little more too.  Be the guy who listens, who asks her engaging questions about what she’s interested in.  If she’s into saving Giant Pandas, you might find an article online about them, or find an organization that is raising money to save them, and send it to her, and mention that you’re thinking about volunteering some time there.  If she’s just had something major happen in her life, like graduating college, or getting accepted into an elite club, or even something tragic like the death of a family member, it’s a great chance to be memorable for the right reasons.  Be there for her, support the things she cares about, and make it known.  Share a touching story from your own childhood about someone you loved and lost, or a story about a frat brother that fell off the deck into the keg below.  Connect by using the things she’s sharing as a foundation.  By doing this, she will be unable to spend an entire day without thoughts of you crossing her mind, because you become as important to her as the things she’s so passionate about.

Purpose is the harder one to nail down, but not impossible.  One of the worst things to do is to “over-text” her.  As mentioned previously, the question isn’t if she received your texts, it’s why she didn’t feel it necessary to respond.  If you leave no room for mystery, for her mind to concoct imagery of you on it’s own because you’re constantly texting her, she won’t be looking forward to hearing from you.  You’ll only come off as a nuisance at best, and at worst, clingy, needy and a turn off.  The other big issue, is that even though it’s been said in this article that you should find common ground, and make it something she will remember fondly, you don’t want to try to have a conversation by text.  Texts should remain short, sweet, playful, fun, and sometimes with a barely disguised attempt at keeping it sexy too, unless you prefer the friend zone.  An example using the previous ideas: “I saw this incredible link about Giant Pandas and thought of you.”  Send her the link, and leave it alone.  When she responds, and she will, you can answer with, “Yeah, I thought a lot about it after we talked and it might be nice to volunteer some time with them.”  The last text, regardless what she says in return, would be, “Hey!  I know this great coffeehouse downtown, why don’t we talk more about it tomorrow night over coffee and pie?”  Done.  You’ve now accomplished every single thing covered here.  You kept it short, you kept her attention, you sent three total texts, and you’ve arranged to meet with her again.  Best?  You’re not sending messages just like everyone else.

Bobby Rio offers videos on his YouTube channel to help guys along the way with his program.  A good example of this is the video that can be viewed below. It covers the same things this article does, in regard to the quality of the messages you do send.  Why bother sending one at all if you’re only going to say what hundreds of others say on a daily basis?  Make it meaningful, make it memorable, and have purpose.  To cover these things in more detail, lets examine them a bit more closely.

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