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The technology of today is so far advanced that it can even be used to flirt with and get a girlfriend. Gone are the days where you had to actually walk up to a girl and talk to her to get to know her better or get a number from her. These days all you need is a phone. Literally. You don’t even have to use your voice to chat up a girl anymore. You can text her instead.

Why use Magnetic Messaging?

Why would anyone try and get phone numbers this way or even try getting a date like this? Well, it’s quite simply easier and less painful this way. There is no fear of rejection when texting where as when you get shot down face to face, which can be devastating. Women can be cruel and sometimes are deliberately hard on guys. There is a reason why females behave in this way; they are hardwired to do so. It’s all about natural pre-selection, or in simpler terms, seeking out “alpha males”. But let’s keep this in context.

Who should use this?

Magnetic messaging is designed for the average kind of guy; perhaps the Average Joe who is shy and awkward around women – the kind of guy that women tend to “not see”. Magnetic Messaging is a way of texting that teaches this type of guy how to “talk” to women and make an impression. It teaches guys how to make women want them. Sounds crazy, right? It’s true though – this is exactly what it does. Check out our Magnetic Messaging Review page to see if this might be something that you might be able to use.

So then what is “it”?

“It” is learning how to flirt using text messaging. That’s it. Nothing fancy, just an awesome program that actually teaches socially guys with a little less confidence or perhaps rejection-phobics to be able to not only interact with women, but date them too. ALL of them if he so chooses. It’s all about knowing when (and when not) to text and what

How it works

What to Text

It’s not that complicated, really. Just don’t be a dumbass and text her about the weather. It’s just texting, so talk to her. Tell her what she wants to hear but make it believable.  This is your platform to get in there so to speak, and get the type of response you are looking for. It teaches you exactly how to respond to different situations. For instance, if you are only interested in getting her into bed, it tells you how to go about it and what to say. Or if you are interested in maybe dating her for a while (or forever) then it covers that too. This program is awesome in that it covers all sorts of scenarios and how to react to them.

What NOT to Text

This covers ground that can be filled with deadly dating traps. Texting her jokes you think are funny, but she finds offensive is not the way to go. This is the section that will tell you how to navigate the minefield that is text flirting and how to avoid all the pitfalls and landmines you can oh so easily stumble onto without the proper guidance. Many guys easily fall into the trap of “texting pal” by accidentally by sending the kind of texts her best girlfriend would send. Like comforting texts and cute pictures of baby ducks with adorable captions. Crap like that will land you in the dreaded Friend Zone, a No Man’s Land where un-datable men go to suffer alone. The good news is that Magnetic Messaging will show you how to avoid such disasters and even get out of it if you accidentally trip and fall into it.

When and When NOT to Text

Ok so this is easy really. Here is where you learn that there is a time and place for everything, even texting. If she is not answering, there must be a reason. Try to keep in mind that she does have a life too, and a job and family and friends. So if she does not answer you immediately, don’t freak out and bomb her phone with 20 texts asking why she isn’t answering and when is she going to get back to you, or even worse, did you do something to make her mad? She is going to read all this and go “oh hell no! I’m outta here!” and that will be that. Thing is, you will be told exactly how to handle situations like this as well. If she suddenly does seem to be cooling off towards you, then there is a tactic for that. If she is showing signs of becoming bored or irritated with you, then it tells you how to combat that situation too. Point is on this one; don’t force yourself down her throat. She won’t thank you.

magnetic messagingEssentially this is the kind of guide book that every guy should own and read at least once a month, whether or not he can score dates or numbers. It’s the “owner’s manual” to getting the girl of your dreams or just get a lot of girls.


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