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Look around next time you are out anywhere. People have their phones either in their hand or in close proximity. Few people can go 5 minutes without checking their phone. Somehow, society has begun accepting texting while in the same location. Instead of getting up to talk to the person face-to-face, a text is sent in as an impersonal messenger. We have even established dating texting rules to ensure success at sparking and maintaining relationships.

Even worse is how people will text each other while in the same room! Kids do this all the time at parties of all places. So instead of using their vocal cords and actually speaking words out loud to each other, they text each other from 3 feet away. This is the unfortunate trend. And worse still is that couples are doing it now too. So the question is when is it inappropriate to use texting as a way of communication? Magnetic messaging was designed for people who are not social butterflies and become tongue tied around the opposite sex. To give these people a chance at “getting the girl” or just giving them the confidence to talk to someone without fear of face to face rejection. It has gotten completely out of hand in everyday situations.

Using the magnetic messaging technique to gain confidence and to learn how to communicate with people is one thing. Using it to get her phone number is a part of that. It’s a help tool for the socially inept, or socially crippled, not a replacement for one on one communication in the real world. And this is exactly what has happened.

Let’s take a scenario and put a couple of teens in a club scene. The noise levels are high, naturally. Music is blaring loud enough to burst eardrums and people are dancing and shouting to each other. These two are sitting around their table trying to have a conversation, but it’s impossible so out come the phones and they chat via text. Ok this is an acceptable use of text messaging instead of talking. Now take those same two kids and put them at a house party with all their friends around. Music is playing sure, and people are laughing and generally having a blast. But hardly anyone is actually speaking to other people because everyone is talking via text, not verbally. This is just weird. Granted it’s mostly the younger generation doing this, but those kids have to grow up and will simply carry this behaviour over into adulthood. And that’s not right.

Fast forward a few years and you have this 25 year old man who grew up with a cell phone in his hand. He has never really learnt how to actually talk to a girl because it was cool just to text. Now the problem is going out and meeting new people, especially girls. This guy is completely out of his comfort zone, has no idea how to properly interact with people and has no real social skills to speak of. How does he make new friends or meet a prospective girlfriend? Not so easy, right. THIS is the appropriate time to use texting or the Magnetic Messaging technique to meet some ladies, build up confidence and get a few numbers. Once he has the girl, he needs to learn that a phone has its place and it’s for making and receiving calls, not chatting to his girlfriend who is sitting on the same couch as him.

magnetic messagingReal relationships can be built around texting absolutely. But the very same thing that got you the girl can tear down that personal bond you worked so hard for in the first place. Women don’t want a relationship with your phone, they want to be romanced and talked to. The only time texting should be used in an established relationship is when you are trying to set the mood for a special event or to flirt with your lover to keep the passion alive, but never as a means of normal communication.

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