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Before the inception of the cell phone, a man had to resort to leaving voice-mails or actually making a visit to the women he was looking to date. There may have been long times between talking, which could negatively impact the budding relationship before it had a chance to bloom. Today things are much different. People all over the world are connected to their cell phone nearly constantly, some even leave them on while they sleep. Due to this technological change in our society, women are easier than ever to communicate with instantly, so it’s important to know how to get a response.

Texting women isn’t a difficult process but it can be easy to do wrong. Someone once said, “Words are an arrow let fly.” This is especially true for texting. Once you’ve pressed send, or enter, it’s too late to retract anything.  It’s important to say what you mean, and also to not overdo it.  A woman will take it badly if a man is sending her texts all day, every day as a sign of clinginess and neediness, both of which are not something a potential suitor wants to be labeled with.  It’s good to know how to make your communication by text matter, and how to elicit a response from the person you’re interested in. If this is a very new development between you and her, this article from wikiHow might help.

Everyone wants to feel important and listened to, it’s a sign of respect at the least, and the easiest way to endear someone to you. When you find it necessary to text between dates, be sure you highlight something that is special to only the two of you, or something she brought up previously. Use texting as the medium to keep you on her mind between the times you see each other, and to setup the next date. By sending only three texts you can achieve more than sending them throughout the day, say less, and mean more. There’s no need to respond immediately, let the empty space be mysterious, she’ll be drawn to know you better if you let her imagination fill in the blanks. Read this article from Men’s Fitness to find out the 10 things to never text a woman.

Try not to send boring texts that are so generic that it could have been sent to anyone, and avoid using “text speak” like replacing you with the letter “u”. It doesn’t take any extra time to type out two more letters and your message will come across as far more cultured and adept for utilizing proper grammar. Find out what times she’s up and to bed, or at work to avoid sending a message at an inopportune time, which can set a tone you didn’t intend if you happen to wake her or interrupt a meeting.  End texts with a question that will invoke a response.  The best texts are the ones where you find out the next time you can both see each other, so inquire what she wants to go do, or what she enjoys, and surprise her on the next date. Even sending a text telling her what time you’ll be there to pick her up and what she should wear on the date will pique her curiosity and delight her.
This easy printable guide from belongs right next to your phone.

You don’t want to be one of so many forgettable men who are trying to garner her attention. If she is worth pursuing in your eyes, then it stands to reason other men will notice and be doing the very thing you’re doing. The difference is, you’re doing it better. It doesn’t end once you’re in a relationship with her either, because it doesn’t mean you’ve now secured your entire future with her, you have to keep her as interested as she needs to put forth with you. To get a better idea of the sheer numbers you go up against with any attractive partner, see this study posted on News Radio WOAI. You’ve got some stiff competition out there, and making sure that you’re making a memorable mark in all the right ways is so important to your romantic future.  To wrap this up, take a look at the popular question and answer site Girls Ask Guys for some real world comments. Many of the women report the kinds of messages they hate to see. This can be learned from, made better, and allow you to stand out where others don’t.  Texting women just got a lot easier.

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