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We were really glad to have taken part in the 21 Convention in Orlando, because the professional dating coaches were amazing. We especially enjoyed co-author of Magnetic Messaging, Rob Judge’s speech. According to him, scripted opening lines and following a standardized approach are examples of “dick logic”; they are the things that men want to believe because they fit into male logic, but he tells us that women just don’t find it attractive.

Women will immediately pick up if you are being sincere or not, and if you are “mentalizing” the whole process, saying scripted lines and trying to look for specific signals, she will think you’re weird! Unnatural behavior freaks people out – stop doing it!

Why the perfect “opening line” can do More Harm than Good

Think about it. You go up to a woman and lay down something which blows her away. It’s just the perfect thing to say. It shows in one shot that you are an “alpha male”, that you are intelligent, sensitive, witty, and charismatic… then what? You will have to start a conversation and line 2 and line 3 will follow the opening line. Are you sure you can keep equaling the perfection of the opening line?
If you can’t, you will very soon start losing points in her book.

This is the opposite of what you want to achieve, so rather start off with whatever comes naturally and appropriate to say as an opening line and set the bar at a level you’re capable of maintaining. Give yourself a chance to show her that you are an educated, sensitive, fun and sincere person. She will appreciate it and her opinion of you will improve.

So, if you start off with a great opening line that you can’t follow up, then chances are that you won’t be able to equal it and her opinion of you will decrease, making her feel that the more she gets to know you the less she likes you. If, on the other hand you start off natural and then become really nice, she will feel that the more she gets to know you, the more she likes you, and that is what is going to get things rolling.

More than “Knowing Your Lines” you must Figure out what Your Objective is

Rob Judge says that you should really do some soul searching on this. Why do you want to be a female pick up artist? Is it so that you can brag with your friends about all the girls you’re screwing? Is it because you are looking to become popular and think that having lots of women will help you? If these are your objectives then this is probably what is hindering your success.
Women are smart, and they have a built in lie detector! If you are really sincere about wanting to learn pick-up techniques because you want to overcome your problems communicating with women then by all means go ahead, but if you are looking to use women to quench your thirst for popularity, then don’t waste your time – none of it will work.

Shift your focus to wanting to learn basic man-woman communication skills just for the pleasure of being able to meet, speak to and date quality women, and you are already halfway to dating success!
Changing your mindset can be the first step. Rob Judge says he’s just “a regular guy” and, honestly, he really is average looking! He says he started out in “a really bad place”, feeling like a complete idiot every time he spoke to a woman. That is why he started studying PUA technique in the first place.

In the beginning he was totally into finding the ultimate turnkey tactic, but as he went deeper into his research he realized that what he was really looking for was a way to communicate with women effectively.
During the convention he looked around the hall and said “Look at you! There’s nothing wrong with you! There’s no need to add stuff to your character! Why are you all capable of being funny and smart when you are with your pals and then totally freeze up when you see a woman you like?”
He said attraction is a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. If you go up to a woman, expecting her to like you, chances are she will.

If you expect for a woman to like you, you don’t need an opening line, a set strategy and a scripted approach. All you need is an empowering mindset and an acceptance that you’re not perfect, she’s not perfect and if you show yourself for who you really are she will probably like you!

Where technique CAN Save the Day


There is one area however, where cheating a little can be a great help, and that is with texting via sms or social media chats. The difference between texting and conversation is that you have TIME to answer. Also, some guys are really cool but have no writing skills to speak of. This can be a major drawback in today’s age where a large part of relationship building happens through texting.

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